If you have any questions other than what you find below, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 858-265-8982.

Free Trial

All potential new students residing in the San Diego County area are eligible to try our free one-day trial. Students may access any classes within their experience level during the trial.

* White Gis are required in all our general classes. Trying a no-gi class? Please wear all-black athletic gear. If you need to borrow gear during the trial please bring a valid ID.

Visitor Rates

Visitors are always welcomed by the academy, drop into a class or just stop by to watch. Outside Filming & Photography is not permitted.

  • One Class Drop-in Fee -$50

*Drop-in rates are subject to change.

Uniform Policy

Gi Classes: Colored gis (kimono) are permissible during all classes. Uniform must be clean and free of rips and fraying. White gis should not be dingy or yellowed. Colored gis should not be faded. Outside affiliation patches are not permitted. For hygienic purposes, the use of a rash guard is required underneath your uniform.

No-Gi Classes: The Del Mar Jiu-Jitsu Club branded no-gi uniform is required for all our general no-gi classes.

Uniform Rentals are available at the academy.

Any and all brand uniforms are allowed, but we highly recommend supporting brands that support us. A&P (Albino & Preto) has supported the academy since 2016.


Del Mar Jiu-Jitsu Club is a family environment, please be respectful to each other and our instructors at all times.

Please address all black belt instructors as Professor and non-black belts as coach.

Outside coaching is not permitted.

Please come to class prepared, with clean training gear and a good attitude. Keep fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed. Avoid training when sick or injured. Please be sure to keep open wounds securely bandaged.

Keep feet clean, dirty feet are not acceptable on the mats.

Shoes should be worn at all times off the mat area. Shoes, food, and drink are not permitted on the mat area.

For your safety and the safety of others, remove all body piercings or jewelry during training sessions.

If late, please sit or stand outside of the training area until you are welcomed by an instructor.

Please ask the instructor for permission before leaving the mat area.

Bags and backpacks are to be kept in the locker room.

Make sure to keep your belt and stripes on at all times. After a roll, immediately retie your belt and get ready for the next round.

During instruction please sit or stand in good posture. Talking should be kept at a minimum and related to class material.

Know your limits but, work together and have fun!


For more information regarding privates please contact us directly at the academy or via email at [email protected].

Membership Rates

For more information regarding privates please contact us directly at the academy or via email at [email protected].


Your membership will be canceled 60 days from the date of notice. Note that if you have a scheduled payment within this 60-day period, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable. If you wish to renew your membership after a cancellation, you will be charged the current membership rate. Your previous rate will not apply. Membership rates are subject to change.

Any holds require a payment rate of 50% your current membership rate during the hold period.