Adult Jiu-Jitsu in San Diego


The Fundamentals Program focuses on the core techniques that every adult jiu-jitsu student should know. Students have the opportunity to increase their overall jiu-jitsu knowledge by introducing more advanced jiu-jitsu techniques while improving their movement and coordination. During these interactive sessions, students are highly encouraged to ask questions to improve individual understanding of the techniques and positions. All students are welcome to participate in the fundamental class including white belts and black belts.


  • Improve comprehension of jiu-jitsu concepts
  • Introduce students to more advanced jiu-jitsu movements
  • Increase movement and coordination


  • Core concepts and ideas
  • Attacks, defensive techniques, and escapes from every position
  • Positional, situational and live sparring
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions


Welcome to the the Basics Program! Our Basics of Jiu Jitsu for adults was created to ensure that all newer students will begin their jiu-jitsu journey with a strong start. The curriculum introduces techniques for all positions, and the core concepts in jiu-jitsu practice that will aid in the student’s development. This class is for White, Blue and Purple belts only.


  • Introduce students to jiu-jitsu practice
  • Learn basic bjj movements and situations
  • Understand core concepts and ideas
  • Inspire students to live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle


  • Beginner gi jiu-jitsu techniques
  • Overview of all positions and situations in jiu-jitsu
  • Mobility, cordination, and agility drills


The Advanced Program gives students the opportunity to advance their technique through an in-depth exploration of advanced gi jiu-jitsu techniques and instruction. Students will also receive extensive education on modern jiu-jitsu practice including less common situations that may arise during a match. Entry to this course is based on instructors discretion.


  • Improve student’s overall jiu-jitsu knowledge
  • Explore modern and advanced jiu-jitsu techniques


  • Advanced attacks, defensive techniques, and escapes from every position
  • Instruction on advanced concepts and techniques
  • Positional, situational and live sparring
  • Question & Answer sessions

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